The Strategy Toolbox
The Strategy Toolbox
The Strategy Toolbox
The Strategy Toolbox
The Strategy Toolbox
The Strategy Toolbox
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The Strategy Toolbox

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If you've ever...

>> Been overwhelmed by all the "priorities" in your business and wished there was a simpler, more effective way to manage your time.

>> Felt unclear about what your business goals were besides "bigger, better, more" and wanted to understand the "why" behind what you're doing...

>> Had difficulty breaking down big, ambitious ideas into more digestible action steps that can be implemented on a daily basis

>> Wanted to learn the "productivity secrets" that make the world's most successful and creative people 10x more effective than the average Joe...

...then The Strategy Toolbox is just what the doctor ordered!

The Details:

The Strategy Toolbox has everything you need to develop a rock-solid, 90-day business strategy and execute it!

This is not a course. This is a Google Drive folder of tools for entrepreneurs. 

The Toolbox includes 1 Masterclass, 2 Playbooks and a Diagram:

1.) The Foresight Mindset Training ($100): 59-minute video training on how to structure your day and life to become a top-performing entrepreneur. 50% philosophy / 50% strategy. 

2.) Purpose and Mission Playbook ($50 value): Get massive clarity. Understand exactly why you're in business and who how your company is impacting the world.

3.) 90 Day Vision Playbook ($50 value): The 90-day business strategy you're going to implement, broken down step-by-step. 

4.) "Anatomy of a Profitable Business" Diagram ($50): Vital info for you to improve existing systems.

>> Normal price is $99 — get it today for just $49 (limited).

This is a super good deal on really actionable material! Don't miss out!