The Marketing Toolbox
The Marketing Toolbox
The Marketing Toolbox
The Marketing Toolbox
The Marketing Toolbox
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The Marketing Toolbox

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If you've ever had trouble...

1. Finding quality customers to buy your product/service consistently...

2. Understanding what to say to target customers in your marketing that will make them want to buy from you (and tell their friends)..

3. Creating the perfect offer will make your target customers instantly "get it" and want to work with you...

...then you need The Marketing Toolbox!

The Details:

The Marketing Toolbox has everything you need to get started marketing your business in 2021.

This is not a course. This is a Google Drive folder of tools for marketing your business that I will continue to add to and improve.

The Toolbox includes 3 Playbooks (21 pages total) + the "Marketing in 2021" video training:

1.) Customer Research Playbook ($50 value): understand who your customer is, how they think and where to find them.

2.) Market Messaging Playbook ($50 value): understand exactly what to say in your ads, emails and sales copy to get the attention (and dollars) of your ideal customers.

3.) Product / Offer Playbook ($50 value): determine exactly what you want to sell, how you should price it and how to break it down to your ideal customers.

4.) "Marketing in 2021" 34-Minute Video Training ($100): I'll walk you through how to use the Toolbox + how to position/market yourself online in 2021.

>> Normal price is $99 — get it today for just $49 (limited). 

This is a super good deal on really actionable material that will save you a ton of time spinning your wheels, trying to get attention.